About us

Stichting SPD Foundation (the SPD Foundation) was incorporated as a foundation (stichting) under the laws of the Netherlands on the 19th of September 2018.

According to its articles of association, the statutory purpose of the SPD Foundation is to support scientific research, particularly in the medical area.

The SPD Foundation is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 72620226.

The RSIN (Rechtspersonen en Samenwerkingsverbanden Informatienummer) or fiscal registration number of the SPD Foundation is 859176526.

Our Board of Directors

Carlos Manuel de Brito do Nascimento Lucena
Chairman (voorzitter) and Board Member A.

Peter Martijn Bogaard
Secretary-General (algemeen secretaris) and Board Member B.

Duarte Barbosa Teixeira de Melo
Treasurer (penningmeester) and Board Member A.

Articles of Association

The Board Members will not be compensated for serving as a board member, except for reasonable costs imbursements.

The legal mechanism of the SPD Foundation does safeguard that neither the Board Members nor any other persons could dispose of the assets of the SPD Foundation as if these assets were owned by such Trustee or other person.

Firstly, the articles of association provide that the Board of the SPD Foundation consists of at least three Board Members and that all decisions of the Board (including decisions in relation to the disposal of the assets of the SPD Foundation) require an absolute majority of votes.

Secondly, the articles of association provide that Board Members shall either have the title Board Member A or Board Member B and that the authority to represent the SPD Foundation shall be vested with a Board Member A acting jointly with a Board Member B or with the Board as a whole.

The above arrangements ensure that none of the Board Members can dispose of the assets of the SPD Foundation acting alone, both as regards the internal decision making process and where the external representation of the SPD Foundation is concerned.

At this early stage of its existence, the SPD Foundation does not yet have a Supervisory Board (Raad van Toezicht). However, as the activities of the SPD Foundation expand gradually, it may well be considered to establish a Supervisory Board in due course.

The SPD Foundation does not have any employees.