About our foundation

The SPD Foundation was formed with a view on creating an international platform for the financial and organizational support of certain scientific research projects in the medical area.

Although many of these projects generate promising initial results, often the costs associated with the further research required to develop new medicines and/or other medical treatments are quite substantial.

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International Platform

Therefore, it often proves to be difficult to attract debt funding from financial institutions or to obtain equity funding from investors, i.e., from private equity houses or large pharmaceutical companies.

At the same time, resources within the academic environment are fairly limited, as a consequence of which many scientific studies must be terminated at an early stage and cannot be carried forward.

Rather than relying on established charities, the founders had the desire to create a separate platform that will actively identify promising research projects conducted at universities, hospitals, and other scientific institutions globally.

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Apply for a Grant

An application for a grant can be made anytime during the year. All applications will be initially reviewed if they are in line with the Foundation’s objectives. The Board meets twice per year to review and approve projects.

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